Facebook Customer Care Number

Facebook Customer Care Number

Facebook Customer Care Number | Head Office Address, Complaint , Email ID | Official Website

Facebook Customer Care Number

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Reason For Facebook Account blocked

  • If your account is blocked, this means it hasn’t been completely disabled but you cannot use certain features
  • You have no right to post, send friend request or send message
  • Blocked because of recently send lots of messages and friend request to unknown which are not in your
    group, community, family, co-workers, friends, classmates
  • Share something to quickly in short amount of time
  • Tagged, send link to those who are not in your friend list or your never contact
  • Sending friend request to celebrity you don’t know(Only follow them not to send friend request)

Two many attempts on facebook recovery is also one of the reason to disable your facebook account

Reason For Facebook Account Disabled

Your facebook account is disable only if you are not follow facebook terms

  • Contact Through Facebook Customer Care Number
  • Post content that does not follow the facebook terms
  • Using a fake name
  • Using more account in facebook
  • Support for violent or criminal group or organisation in facebook
  • Wrong speeches on religion, nation, disability etc
  • Wrong graphic content, advertisement, permotion for the purpose of harassment
  • If you think your account was disabled by mistake, please contact

Facebook Headquarter

Facebook, Inc.
ATTN: Privacy Operations
1601 Willow Road
Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA

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